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The interactive tool for consumer relevant ideas and concept        

Fragrance workshop


When launching new products their emotional and sensory characteristics gain more and more importance as nowadays consumers perceive the quality aspects on a similar level when comparing different brands.

Fragrance is a key aspect among these sensory product features, especially in the area of body care and home care products.

“The sense of smell emotionally affects humans up to 75% more than any other sense.” Brand Sense (Martin Lindström) 

It is a fact that the choice of the right fragrance is extremely relevant for each of these product areas.

When consumers are able to remember the fragrance of a certain product their brand- or product loyalty increases up to 60%.

In his bestseller “Brand Sense” the marketing expert Martin Lindström describes the influence of the sensual perception on the final purchase decision: The visual impression achieves with 58% the highest rank; the sense of smell achieves with 45% rank two in the list of the main purchase.      

Therefore the role of the fragrance development for the marketing, the personality of the brand and the corporate communication gains more importance.

Companies who want to be successful need to continuously identify consumers’ sensoric expectations and to develop the right products with attractive fragrances to be competitive with their product portfolio.

BUT very often the fragrances are not likeable for consumers of a specific culture or not really in line with the product concept from consumers´ point of view.

To avoid those fragrance failures the creative potential of the consumers should be involved in the early phases of the fragrance development.        

The right fragrance ... 

  • means a positive influence on consumer‘s emotions,
  • has a positive influence on the brand,
  • helps to avoid negative associations on the brand,
  • can support the stabilization or expansion of the brand,
  • attracts consumer‘s attention in a positive direction,
  • supports the uniqueness of the brand,
  • triggers more spontaneous purchases. 
Finding the right fragrance


Our fragrance workshop can especially help at the beginning or in an early stage of the fragrance development process:

  •  Generation of fragrance themes, ideas or concepts for already existing or new products and brands.
  •  Optimization of already existing fragrance themes.

The approach 

A tailor-made brainstorming process followed by an elaboration of concrete fragrance ideas/themes/concepts based on a broad and multivarious input.

Professional and well established creative techniques are selected based on the respective product area and client needs.

Organized with a mixed team which consists of a client group from different departments, creative consumers and perfume experts.

Well described and visualized fragrance ideas plus concrete fragrance concept.

Support on concrete fragrance development by briefing and guidance of perfumers.     

Creative atmosphere without limits  

Before starting the development of fragrance ideas the generation of a huge number of thoughts and ideas through creative techniques is a must.

Creative ideas emerge from free imagination. Due to professional and practical knowledge and experiences people often have difficulties using their fantasy. We get it released via warm-up games and creative techniques which open up peoples´ mind and their emotional way of thinking.

This makes a stimulating and creative atmosphere possible which provides a basis for the development of really outstanding and innovative ideas and concepts. 

For all consumers and experts, who participate, we make sure upfront that they are motivated and open-minded when it comes to new ways of thinking and creative techniques.


Generation of fragrance ideas and fragrance themes that have a high potential for consumer acceptance due to the personal involvement of the consumer in the creative fragrance development process.

  • Lateral thinking and large-scale ideas due to the heterogeneous group of participants.
  • Creative ideas with input from multiple perspectives and consideration of consumer expectations.
  • Secondary insights on the fragrance perception by real consumers.

Practical Details


  • Moderator: Anke Pelmer, mind & heart
  • Fragrance and marketing consulting:
    Emmanuelle Pages, perfume consulting


  • Clients (interdisciplinary team) and consumers and/ or experts with creative occupation.


  •  Special places with stimulating/ creative atmosphere - not at the customers‘ own locations.


  • 1 or 2 days depending on objectives and client request.

Special marketing service 

We make ideas happen by providing further marketing services in addition to our innovation workshop with the help of our partners depending on your request: a team of creative experts who work with marketing tools, graphic design, communication, internet presentation, training, social psychology etc.

... to make sure that our clients own the ideas coming from our innovation workshop. 

We offer ...

  •   Concrete concept development by marketing experts
  •  Packaging design / photo design
  •  Development of fragrance concepts and fragrance development support
     Creation of communication concepts and strategies